Midas Safety is known for its uncanny ability to consistently deliver high quality safety gear to the global workforce.
It would never have been possible without our winning corporate values that are ...

Authentic Leadership

“Walk the talk”

Our leaders have a clear vision for the organization and the principles we work with. Our leaders regularly exchange relevant information and reasons for decisions with their teams. They walk the talk.

Customer Centric

“Always keep the customer at the heart of everything we do.”

We consider the customer’s point of view first in every decision. We demonstrate the ability to differentiate between customer groups, their needs and expectations. We optimize processes to create higher value for the customer. We innovate products based on researched customer insights We make sure the solutions reach our customers efficiently and without delay.

Transparent Excellence

“Make meritocracy and ethics a standard in the organization.”

We ensure all our business actions and dealings are ethical. We ensure a high level of transparency through merit-based decisions. We develop and communicate clear goals, deadlines and expectations to our teams. We constantly seek to gain knowledge and keep ourselves up-to-date. We are determined to solve simple and complex challenges by grasping the crux of the issue

Empowered People

“Take ownership and get it done.”

We grow our people to be autonomous, responsible and engaged. We make the right decisions at the right time with a strong sense of accountability. We value courage and learn from our mistakes. We encourage decision making at every level of the organization to develop employees’ confidence We take complete ownership of our work realizing how it contributes to the company’s success. We provide prompt and constructive feedback where required.

Adaptable Innovation

“Keep moving forward.”

We continually look for new opportunities for growth. We integrate the voice of the customers in the process of creating solutions for them. We take appropriate risks when the rewards warrant it – without ever violating the decorum or cultural foundations. We are in touch with external trends and are open to new methods and viewpoints. We are willing to put new findings into practice immediately.


“Think about tomorrow, today”

The underlying principle to all our corporate principles is sustainability. Our approach and decisions balance economic, environmental and social standards in decision making. We develop plans that balance long-term goals with short-term needs. Our approach and decisions ensure long term growth of our business, increased profits and expansion